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Connected TV/OTT Advertising

Optimize your TV & Vide Ad Budgets With Through Hyper-Local Geofencing & Connected TV/OTT Advertising.

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Why Geofencing Marketing?
Reaching your audience everywhere is effective.

Geofence marketing is the leading digital marketing
strategy for brands to increase their leads, sales, and

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How TV/OTT Advertising Geofencing Works For You
Our Geofencing and geo-conquesting technology combine with OTT Advertising helps us give our brands the competitive edge they have been looking for. See how we launch advertising campaigns in real-time for the following companies:
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Forward Media
Personal Injury Lawyers

Who want to reach accident victims can set geofencing boundaries at ER Centers, Hospitals, and Car Repair Centers

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Forward Media
Jewelry Store

Wanting to target foot traffic from a competitor’s retail store.

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Forward Media
Weed Dispensary

Owners who want to target local
competitor dispensaries foot traffic with specials ads. 

Forward Media
Forward Media
Retailer or franchise

that wants to run a customer loyalty program, so we build geo fencing parameters around your stores to drive new customers and returning customers. 

What is

Connected TV
OTT Advertising?

TV advertising has been overpriced in the past because of the air space whether it was during primetime television or not. If you were not a big company with an enormous advertising budget you could not advertise on any TV networks. Now, even with a lower budget, it is possible to advertise on through Connected TV & Over The Top Devices.

There are over 63 million users who only watch TV through streaming services in the US that are only reachable by Connected TV or digital channels. With Connected TV advertising and OTT, we can now advertise through programmatic display ads through digital TV streamers with precision targeting. This includes campaigns that target in-market audiences, demographics, offline behaviors, and geofencing & household geofencing.
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Forward Media
Advantages of

Connected TV OTT Advertising

Through CTV/OTT advertising we provide the most advanced programmatic advertising solution known in the market. We are able to use three effective methods of audience targeting with the right message and with highly creative ads.
goforward mediagoforward mediagoforward media
Create targeting locations using physical addresses to serve CTV/OTT ads.
We take advantage of numerous demographics variables to reach your target audience more precisely.
Enhance the precision of digital targeting through OTT advertising with the ability to target keywords. Context, and online behaviors.
With Connected TV advertising, there is a 96% view rate on the devices.
Connected TV viewers tend to be more engaging with the content.
Key Connected TV/OTT Advertising Benefits
goforward media
Connected TV ads are non-skippable and immersive content to engage with unique audience segments.
goforward media
Access to buy premium OTT/CTV audience networks on the same centralized platform as your display, mobile, and video campaigns.
goforward media
Reach a narrow target audience of video consumers that can’t be targeted with traditional TV commercials.
goforward media
Allows us to serve ads with the effectiveness of TV and the precision of digital.
goforward media
Ability to target screens at mass scale.
Goforward Media

OTT & CTV Advertising Process

Digital Audit
We perform a deep digital audit into your company to see how we can leverage programmatic OTT advertising for your business and your business’s goals.
Creative Stage
We Create high-quality ads and data targeting that are needed to launch the OTT campaign.
OTT/CTV Programmatic
We begin to develop your programmatic TV campaign from campaign tactic to targeting and even geographic targeting.
We gather all programmatic display data into our platform and review it to begin our process of proactive campaign optimizations.
After launching the campaign we evaluate a number of factors like targeting, geofence locations not performing and developing better creatives as the campaign progresses.

CTV/OTT Advertising

With OTT Advertising we offer real-time and bi-weekly reporting to ensure you are able to track all conversions including form submissions or sales. We are also able to track offline conversions which means those who came back to your business, retail store, or geofenced location.

When you launch OTT/CTV advertisements and location-based campaigns we create granular reports so you understand where your ad dollars are being spent and what is working for your brand.


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